Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok ok... I know what you're thinking, Im not gonna be able to take one picture a day for the rest of the year and it might be true, so... my goal is to take my camera everywhere and take as many pictures as I can and post them on here. Deal? Deal.

Its been since I dont know what day that I posted so I am going to post a lot of pics today and have a little explanation next to them :)

Day 67

Than is munching on a really big potato chip and I was trying to stop him so I could take a picture of it but his hunger was calling so he put it in his mouth as fast as possible.

Day 66

This cute little boy's name is Andy and he is the center of attention in Than's family. He flirts with you by doing the face he is making in the second picture. What a qt!
Day 65

This is a pic form when Connie flew in from Korea on her way home to Az. She is such a wonderful woman and was a great missionary.
Day 64

This picture is of a lady that wanted to get her eyes to look bigger. When I get clients that ask me to do this for them I always tell them to do a thick brown or black liner on the bottom and a light shadow on the top. It works every time.
Day 63

These two pics are of a smokey eye and a darker lip on a fair person. This look is awesome for people with really light skin as you can see.
Day 62

These are the three latinas at the counter!!
Day 61

These are some red lips I did on a girl with really pale skin. Her lips were semi difficult to do because they are a little crooked. 

Day 60

This one is of a random bird outside my work... I tried to walk up to it but it flew away before I could get a good shot of it.

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