Friday, March 26, 2010

I cant believe its been so long since I posted. I have been diligently taking pictures but surely have not had time to write or post them.
First, I would like to  update you with my marathon slash p90x training. I switched my running biking and swimming up for p90x about 3 weeks ago. I literally feel my body getting stronger after each and every work out (this might be because they are 90 minute non stop work outs). It feels great to be doing this with two other girls because there are no excuses for not doing it.

We are also planning on starting a program for a healthier diet and hope to incorporate it in our young families (aka. get our husbands to eat them). Our diet will most likely include eating more chicken, less red meats, less sugar and more veggies. Isn't this the way our mothers taught us to eat? I guess the famous saying "moms are always right" applies in this situation.

Other than eating healthy and doing the work outs, I would really like to get back to running, biking and swimming since I only have about a month till the sprint triathlon. Wish me luck :/

Lets get started with the pictures shall we?
Day 79
This was at our friends Ben and Kari's house to meet their new baby Abby (I hope I spelled that right). 
Steve and Kate bellow 

Day 78
Husbands Birthday!!! 
Than wanted his tres leches cake which turned out ok. My mother would have done it so much better. 

I made a steak dinner that actually turned out good. Thank goodness for google.

Before dinner we went snowboarding at sundance 

Before snowboarding we went to lunch at the foundry grill at sundance

This is Than being shy

His new jeans... yay!!

6 am birthday breakfast!!

Day 77
This was the monthly sunday birthday dinner at his cousins house

Day 76
Before and after pictures
Day 75
Dinner at Iggys
Day 74
This is a painting my very artistic sister Metztli made. 

Day 73
Connie and her two little Korean nice and nephew

How cute is this??

Day 72

Day 71

Day 70
My beautiful bff Hailee on her wedding day

Day 69
At dinner with friends

Day 68
This is what I do when I am bored at work


  1. Yay I'm glad you finally posted! It was so much fun hanging out with you, you'll have to come down again soon!!

  2. I know it had been a long time. I really need to get on that. I had so much fun hanging out!!! I was so glad that you were able to come. Cant wait till we all hang out again (hubby's included). Love you!!