Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So... This weekend was a super busy weekend at the MAC counter. We had a new line launch and I had to work lots of hours. As hard as this was, I really enjoyed it. I had so much fun making people feel pretty, telling them what they need and being their personal make up artist. I love teaching them how to look their best :) Anywho, I am a little behind posting so lets get started
Day 42
This are a couple pictures I took on thursday in our snowboarding class:

Than gets some ridiculous air sometimes.

and then there's me, trying to catch up to his greatness.

Day 43
This is a picture I took on Friday at work of one of my co-workers. She is the assistant manager and is such an amazing artist. She is doing one of my favorite type of make up to do, a brides make up.

Day 44
This is a picture I took on saturday. She is one of my favorites at the counter. She is so nice to everyone and makes me feel so conformable when I ask dumb questions.
Day 45
Than woke up valentines morning all kinds of early to make me an elaborate breakfast. I don't even know how he did this without me waking up!

I unfortunately had to work my one sunday a month on valentines day so when I got home, my sweet husband had a delicious dinner ready to celebrate valentines day. He made grilled shish kabobs and made rice from scratch. Who would have known that I had a husband that could cook (or would cook). I guess it makes sense, both his parents are amazing cooks.

Day 46
February 15th was our 6 month anniversary and it to our luck, it was a holiday (I planned it that way when we were trying to pick a date :) not really). So he once again woke up early and made us german pancakes. Then went on a walk around BYU campus and had lunch at a hawaiian place with his aunt and cousins. I took this picture of Than and them in the car.

Since it was our 6 month, Than made reservations at a fancy dinner and all I knew was that I had to wear a nice dress. When we arrived, the hostess took my coat and sat us. There were 3 people taking care of our needs such as silverware, water and food. The place is called chefs table and it really was so nice there. Than ordered grilled chx in a delicious white sauce and I ordered a tenderloin in a brown sauce. When they brought our food out we thought the color coding according to our skin color was a funny coincidence. We had a lot of fun at the restaurant celebrating our first six months as a married couple together.
and of course, Than is always making silly faces ;) I love you baby!
Look at that view

Day 47
Finally, today's picture is of the ems (employee make-up supply) I got for the new spring collection at work.

and this is a picture of what happens every time I get into my make up and have a little more time in my hands than desired.

Here is also my training for the last week: thursday I went snowboarding for 4 hours, friday I went running 3 miles, then I took sat, sun and monday off. I need to make those two days off somehow. The plan is to bike 5 miles and swim a half a mile today and keep working hard the rest of the week so I can catch up.


  1. One day, I hope to be as cool as you.

  2. OMG you are soo much cooler than me!

  3. hii!!!! I finally came here to see your blog, I love knowing how everything is over there... I would love to go visit.
    you two seem really really really happy.
    I will keep reading your blog.
    love you two...

  4. oo and happy 6 month anniversary.....

  5. Im so glad you did!! Do you guys have a blog? Cause I want to follow it and if you dont, you should get one. Everyone is doing it :)... Love you guys and thanks for the congrats... you guys must be coming up on a year. Congrats to you. We hope to follow on your steps.