Friday, February 5, 2010

A lot has happened since I last posted. After I found my camera, my computer broke. It kept freezing up on me and I thought that was very strange because macs just dont do that (specially macs that are less than a year old). We finally decided to take it to the mac store to get it fixed since it is within that year of waranty. They took a couple of days and it is finally done :) So here are the million of updates and pictures I have been takling this week

Day 34-36

I had my Mac training on wednesday, where they show us all the new collections and wonderful stuff coming for spring season. They trat us like queens!! First we meet for breakfast at a nice restaurants conference room, then we talk about make up for a couple hours, then we eat a delicious gourmet italian food and finally talk and lear more about make up. How can a day get any better? Here are the shots. Ps these will count for three days of picture taking since there are so many:
Thia ia breakfast
This is the beautiful italian restaurant
Here is me and one of my co workers with minimal make up on.
This is a powerpoint teaching us how to make our skin as soft as baby cheeks
These are some of the other girls. They have some of the coolest styles ever!
This is a video on the new looks for lips for spring.
This is apetizers
We got a chance to play with all the new make up!!
This is all the new stuff... love it all
Me and gaga are so into making our models super pretty
I wanted to have all the make up there!
I used a grease stick on her lids (i dont remember the exact names) and a pigment to go on top of it
I think this is a picture of before
and this after?
Day 33

This pic is of my lean cuisine dinner. I had never had it before and was so excited to try it. It was actually not bad. I dont think I could eat that every day but I liked it enough to be able to put in the microwave and be done!!

Day 32

These pictures are of our cooking adventure for our friends Steve and Kate Wilcox. We made ceviche as an apetizer (cause Than cant eat it as a meal). For the main entree, we made fish on a puch over rice and sparragus. Here are some of the pictures we took:

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