Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59
This girl came in to get her make up done for her 21st birthday and she had the most beautiful eyes!

Day 58
Crazy bright lips!

Day 57
Posing with the models

Day 56
These ladies is what I want to be someday. AMAC trainer!!

Day 55
Ready to take on in a new adventure

Day 54
This girl was our model for the spring collection. She was super cute

Day 53
This lady was so cute and she reminded me of Tenly from the bachelor. So cute!

Day 52
Than didnt like me taking a picture of me bitting his arm

Day 51
This cute girl is one of my regulars. She works at the ebar outside of nordis and she came in to get a make up lesson. She is very talented and hope that she comes to the counter to work someday. Look at her lips!

Day 50
People say we look alike

Day 49
This picture is of two of my favorite artists at the counter

1 comment:

  1. Ixchel - I was just looking at your cute pictures! Love all of your fun makeup! Maybe next time I'm in Utah, you can help me get out of my makeup rut. :)
    And I totally know the girl in your Day 53 picture! Small world!!!