Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59
This girl came in to get her make up done for her 21st birthday and she had the most beautiful eyes!

Day 58
Crazy bright lips!

Day 57
Posing with the models

Day 56
These ladies is what I want to be someday. AMAC trainer!!

Day 55
Ready to take on in a new adventure

Day 54
This girl was our model for the spring collection. She was super cute

Day 53
This lady was so cute and she reminded me of Tenly from the bachelor. So cute!

Day 52
Than didnt like me taking a picture of me bitting his arm

Day 51
This cute girl is one of my regulars. She works at the ebar outside of nordis and she came in to get a make up lesson. She is very talented and hope that she comes to the counter to work someday. Look at her lips!

Day 50
People say we look alike

Day 49
This picture is of two of my favorite artists at the counter

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 48
This is a couple pictures of Than's BYU intramural game yesterday. We are the guest team on the pic.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So... This weekend was a super busy weekend at the MAC counter. We had a new line launch and I had to work lots of hours. As hard as this was, I really enjoyed it. I had so much fun making people feel pretty, telling them what they need and being their personal make up artist. I love teaching them how to look their best :) Anywho, I am a little behind posting so lets get started
Day 42
This are a couple pictures I took on thursday in our snowboarding class:

Than gets some ridiculous air sometimes.

and then there's me, trying to catch up to his greatness.

Day 43
This is a picture I took on Friday at work of one of my co-workers. She is the assistant manager and is such an amazing artist. She is doing one of my favorite type of make up to do, a brides make up.

Day 44
This is a picture I took on saturday. She is one of my favorites at the counter. She is so nice to everyone and makes me feel so conformable when I ask dumb questions.
Day 45
Than woke up valentines morning all kinds of early to make me an elaborate breakfast. I don't even know how he did this without me waking up!

I unfortunately had to work my one sunday a month on valentines day so when I got home, my sweet husband had a delicious dinner ready to celebrate valentines day. He made grilled shish kabobs and made rice from scratch. Who would have known that I had a husband that could cook (or would cook). I guess it makes sense, both his parents are amazing cooks.

Day 46
February 15th was our 6 month anniversary and it to our luck, it was a holiday (I planned it that way when we were trying to pick a date :) not really). So he once again woke up early and made us german pancakes. Then went on a walk around BYU campus and had lunch at a hawaiian place with his aunt and cousins. I took this picture of Than and them in the car.

Since it was our 6 month, Than made reservations at a fancy dinner and all I knew was that I had to wear a nice dress. When we arrived, the hostess took my coat and sat us. There were 3 people taking care of our needs such as silverware, water and food. The place is called chefs table and it really was so nice there. Than ordered grilled chx in a delicious white sauce and I ordered a tenderloin in a brown sauce. When they brought our food out we thought the color coding according to our skin color was a funny coincidence. We had a lot of fun at the restaurant celebrating our first six months as a married couple together.
and of course, Than is always making silly faces ;) I love you baby!
Look at that view

Day 47
Finally, today's picture is of the ems (employee make-up supply) I got for the new spring collection at work.

and this is a picture of what happens every time I get into my make up and have a little more time in my hands than desired.

Here is also my training for the last week: thursday I went snowboarding for 4 hours, friday I went running 3 miles, then I took sat, sun and monday off. I need to make those two days off somehow. The plan is to bike 5 miles and swim a half a mile today and keep working hard the rest of the week so I can catch up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here are the pics from sat-wednesday

Day 41
These are pictures of my new canvas posters in our living room. Can I just say I love canvases?

Day 40
This is dinner last night. I have been trying to feed my husband more veggies and less pasta so I made grilled lemon chicken with asparagus and other veggies. It is funny to see how much he has grown to love lime and is now obsessed with putting in on everything. Its cute.

Day 39
MAC is coming out with a new spring collection this thursday and one of my favorite things are the Lady Gaga viva glam lipstick and finger nail polish. They're bubble gum pink (didn't see that coming with Lady Gaga)

Day 37 and 38
We had the wonderful opportunity of spending the night at our cousins, Drew and Rachel's house for the weekend. They were so hospitable and nice. I got a snapshot of our little cousin Lexi with green finger and mouth sunday afternoon. We also got a shot of Adeli and Andy at church. They were so fun to be with and we cant wait to see them all again.

So much happened this weekend. My luck with electronics has been awful. My poor computer began to freak out and freeze last week. We took it to the mac store and fortunately it was still under warranty. They replaced the hard drive with a brand new one. The only problem with this is that they did not hold the other hard drive so that I could get all my pictures, school papers and everything in it out. You can imagine how heart breaking this was. I am in the process of getting mac to get the hard drive back and try to get my stuff transfered to my new hard drive.

I should be posting my pictures as soon as I can get 'I photo' installed in this new hard drive. I will keep you posted on the progress of getting my goodies back.

Training progress: I ran 3 miles on monday, took tuesday off and will be swimming 750 m tonight with a couple of friends.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A lot has happened since I last posted. After I found my camera, my computer broke. It kept freezing up on me and I thought that was very strange because macs just dont do that (specially macs that are less than a year old). We finally decided to take it to the mac store to get it fixed since it is within that year of waranty. They took a couple of days and it is finally done :) So here are the million of updates and pictures I have been takling this week

Day 34-36

I had my Mac training on wednesday, where they show us all the new collections and wonderful stuff coming for spring season. They trat us like queens!! First we meet for breakfast at a nice restaurants conference room, then we talk about make up for a couple hours, then we eat a delicious gourmet italian food and finally talk and lear more about make up. How can a day get any better? Here are the shots. Ps these will count for three days of picture taking since there are so many:
Thia ia breakfast
This is the beautiful italian restaurant
Here is me and one of my co workers with minimal make up on.
This is a powerpoint teaching us how to make our skin as soft as baby cheeks
These are some of the other girls. They have some of the coolest styles ever!
This is a video on the new looks for lips for spring.
This is apetizers
We got a chance to play with all the new make up!!
This is all the new stuff... love it all
Me and gaga are so into making our models super pretty
I wanted to have all the make up there!
I used a grease stick on her lids (i dont remember the exact names) and a pigment to go on top of it
I think this is a picture of before
and this after?
Day 33

This pic is of my lean cuisine dinner. I had never had it before and was so excited to try it. It was actually not bad. I dont think I could eat that every day but I liked it enough to be able to put in the microwave and be done!!

Day 32

These pictures are of our cooking adventure for our friends Steve and Kate Wilcox. We made ceviche as an apetizer (cause Than cant eat it as a meal). For the main entree, we made fish on a puch over rice and sparragus. Here are some of the pictures we took: