Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 8

Sorry for not posting something last night. We were so busy all day, but I did get to take a picture. We both had school and decided to go snow boarding and get a couple runs in. I think Than is addicted now. He is taking a snowboarding class and gets to go every thursday. Im not going to lie . I am a little jealous (although, I get to join his class a couple of times throughout the semester :p)

After snowboarding, we came home and started getting ready to go up to salt lake to meet some friends for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (best rib place I know). There was a 180 minute wait for a table of 6. So we decided to go to sports authority that was right across the street from Texas.

To our surprise, everything was 75% off the regular price with an additional 50% off the discounted price. We asked why everything was so cheap and the rep said the models were a couple years old but that they were in perfect condition. We got help from one of the associates and and we finally found a snowboard that was my perfect fit. It went from $499.00 to $49.00. Which is a steal. We then find it some matching bindings for about the same price. We left the store with a new snowboard, bindings, two burton jackets, some new pants for Than for under $250.00. We couldn’t believe it! We feel so lucky to have found exactly what we needed at such an outrageously awesome price. I had been needing a new snowboard for a couple years now and I guess it was worth the wait. 

Now we have an extra board and bindings for anyone interested in going with us sometime (we also have another board that doesn't have bindings, all we would have to do is rent them at the resort). Hit me up if you are interested in going before the season is over in April.

Ok now, this is the picture we took outside Texas. This one counts for yesterday and I will be posting a picture of the boards and the other cool stuff later today.

Training progress: I counted snowboading as my work out of the day. 

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