Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11

Since both me and Than couldn't wake up in the morning, I just had to go on my run later in the day. Todays picture is a picture taken from the mountains about a mile from my house. I just couldn't help but to take my ipod and my camera running with me and enjoy the wonderful cold weather. It feels so good to run outside when it is cold (not so much in the morning, but during the day it is wonderful). I believe running in the cold allows you to run faster and further. You dont feel so out of breath all the time (compared to running in a hot Az day :/)

Just a quick tip, if you are going to work out, just get out of the way in the morning. You won't have to think and dread going to the gym or on a run all day long. Basically just do it. Its easier said than done but i just had the hardest time getting my self motivated enough to go on that run today. I promise to get up at six tomorrow (I kinda have to cause I am meeting a friend at the gym to take a spinning class). Who' sin?

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