Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

I love holidays! Today was so fun. I got to take our cousin on Thans side, Sarah to breakfast for her birhtday and we had such a neat time. She is such an amazing young woman. There are so many attributes that I she has that I wish I had.

After breakfast, we went to MAC to do my demo interview. It was so much fun to do Sarah's make up and she was so super cooperative. Then I went home and and me and Than had a meeting with our activities committee co-chair people to plan the year out. It was really fun to brainstorm different ideas for the activities we would have with our ward.

After the meeting, Than and I went home and made lasagna for dinner. We ate and took a little nap (since we got up semi early). Then we went to his basketball game. This week they were against some crazy people. It was a super intense game because the guys on the other team were cry babies and the refs were terrible so it just did not go well. Than on the other hand played amazing. He even got a fat lip from playing super hard. I think he had at least 16 points in the game.

The picture of the day is him shooting a free throw:

Training update: I took the day off cause it was a holiday. I am going to have to make it up later in the week :/

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