Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12   

   Today was a good day. Than and I woke up early to go work out. He went and played basketball for a couple hours and I went to a spinning class with my gym buddy. Our instructor was psycho. She made us do all kinds of ridiculous intervals. It was very difficult keeping up with her, but she kept screaming at us telling us we were strong. I think I believe in screaming in working out. She really kept us going saying things like "ONLY YOU WAKE UP AT SIX IN THE MORNING TO BIKE TO MILEY CYRUS". She made this comment because everyone went crazy when the party in the USA song came on. It was quite entertaining.
    After an exhausting hour of pain and climbing fake mountains, I ran home and took a warm shower and got ready for the day. Todays picture is one of the clock in our room telling the time. If you want a challenge yourself to wake up early to exercise, take a picture and send it to my email ixchelrodriguez@yahoo.com. We will keep each other motivated to get that work out done early in the morning. Here's my picture:

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