Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 7
I know I'm jumping the gun by posting this a couple hours early but I could not help my self. I went to the mall to return a couple things and stopped by finish line... and they there were... my next running shoes.

Unfortunately, thats not really how it went. I was asked if I needed any help and I said, yes and asked for the cheapest best running shoe in the store. I gave him a couple of ideas of what I wanted and he led me to some shoes that were $39. I tried them on and they were ok.

I kept looking around the store and there were some shoes in the sales rack for $49. I tried them on and they were exactly what I wanted. Snug on the heal, wide on the toesies, soft sole, mesh. They were the perfect shoe for me. I was in a dilemma tho. I thought to myself, should I save $10 or should I get the shoes I want. I decided to call my wise husband and he told me to go with the ones that felt right. So I did.

I was so excited to show Than my new awesome buy. When I got home and showed them to him, he said they looked pretty flimsy. Fortunately, I had the greatest idea of emailing my teacher a couple pictures of the new shoe and see what he thinks.

I am so very anxious to wear them but will patiently wait until I get his response. I will keep you posted on what he says.

I am waking up early to go to a spinning class. My professor says, if you don't feel like running one day, swim or bike for an hour and its like you ran 5 miles. So thats what Im doing tomorrow. I cant wear my new shoes, so Im going to bike for an hour at the gym instead with a good friend of mine. We'll see how it goes. Good night!!

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