Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 3 and 4

Here is what I promised. The pictures for day 3 and 4. I actually took these during christmas but have not gotten around developing the ones that were actually for days 3 and 4. I probably wont until i learn how to use my camera. Its so hard cause its not digital. If anyone out there reading this blog knows about film cameras and can teach me how to use mine, please call me or text me and we'll get together some time for lunch and a lesson.

This picture was taken at the Billings home in Arizona Christmas eve. Sister Billings made asked Than to be Santa for our cute little niece Lizzy. I tried to make him wear pillows so he would actually look more like santa but he was getting too hot under all the clothing.

This picture was taken outside the Billings house.

This picture was taken a while back on our monthaversary. Than brought home flowers and I made sushi and decorated the table. It was so fun to celebrate our fist month together and haven't stopped celebrating out monthaversary since.

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