Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16

Today, I took a picture of Than sleeping after the cadinals game. He was so tired from playing 3 hours of basketball in the morning. Poor guy. Here's the picture:

Day 15

Yesterday I took a picture of a cake me and Than's best friends wife made for the suns game. Unfortunately, the suns lost in the last little bit of time left. The game was super intense tho. Thats the only way I enjoy watching a game, if it is a close game or if Than is playing. So here is a picture of the cake:

Day 14

I have been so busy with school and now applying to get rehired at MAC. Its been a lot of work. Any who, I took a couple pictures of us on thursday when we went snowboarding. We only went for 2 hours cause we had to go up to Salt Lake to get a couple things done. So here is the picture for that:

Training update: Thursday I went to a cycling class with my friend at 6 am and then snowboarding
Friday, is my rest day so i didn't do anything athletic
Saturday I biked 6 miles and ran 2

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