Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soooo. I have bad news, I cant find my camera. I am sure ill find it someday but until then I cant post any of the pics I took this weekend. Ill keep you posted!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry I am behind on my postings! I have been taking a picture a day tho but I just have not had the time to put them on here. So here are the pictures for the past couple of days.

Day 28

I took this picture of our invention in the kitchen. We had been trying to figure out where to put our cooking spatulas etc and we found a way to make a tension rod stay in between two cabinets behind the stove. We found the hooks at bb&b and the tension rod at lowes. Here it is:

Day 27

Than had his intramural basketball game tonight and he did such a great job at playing. Here is a picture of him shooting his free throws.

Day 26

Today's picture is of the Nordstrom store I will be working at. I recently landed a job at the Mac counter in Nordstrom. I was not expecting to get hired this quickly but with the help of a few friends and Sarah (my model, who's make up I did for the make up application demo), I was able to get the job seven interviews and a week later. So here is a picture of the store outside and me leaving a long day of training (dont ask me why i look sad). This is a big reason why I have not had any time to post. I have been training at mac and still have my job at heritage makers. Hopefully my schedule will be back to normal soon. I will be posting some more pics in the future of the inside.

Training update: I went cycling on tuesday 5 miles and swimming 15 laps on wednesday (its harder than it sounds) and today was my rest day :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25

We had the wonderful oportunity of going to the suns game tonight. We first went to olive garden for dinner in down town Salt Lake. Then we parked at the BYU Salt Lake parking lot and off we went to see the Lakers and Suns play. The suns played so well for the first 3 quarters and we were sure they were going to win. Then I bet than that they would do what they have been doing for the past several games, which is to loose at the last quarter. And guess who was right. The suns had an 18 point lead and lost by 8 points. We were both very disappointed. We still got some good pics of us and also of Stoudamire shooting some free throws. So here are the pics :)

He was not letting me take pictures of him :(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24

I have decided that I need to expand my horizons and look up an eyeshadow look online and do it on my eyes. This will help me try new things and learn what colors and styles go best with my eye shape. So here is the picture I took from the internet and the picture after that is the picture I took of my eyes when I was done.

Day 3 and 4

Here is what I promised. The pictures for day 3 and 4. I actually took these during christmas but have not gotten around developing the ones that were actually for days 3 and 4. I probably wont until i learn how to use my camera. Its so hard cause its not digital. If anyone out there reading this blog knows about film cameras and can teach me how to use mine, please call me or text me and we'll get together some time for lunch and a lesson.

This picture was taken at the Billings home in Arizona Christmas eve. Sister Billings made asked Than to be Santa for our cute little niece Lizzy. I tried to make him wear pillows so he would actually look more like santa but he was getting too hot under all the clothing.

This picture was taken outside the Billings house.

This picture was taken a while back on our monthaversary. Than brought home flowers and I made sushi and decorated the table. It was so fun to celebrate our fist month together and haven't stopped celebrating out monthaversary since.

Day 23

Happy International pie day! 

How do i know this? Than and I were at village in on thursday and the manager gave us two coupons to come back on the 23rd for free slices of pie. What a joy. I have to thank Than for introducing me to this wonderful place with delicious pies... We also found out about getting a free slice of pie every wednesday night with ANY purchase. So... we figured we could get a glass of milk for about a buck and get a free slice of pie!! We have decided to make this a tradition. Here is a picture of the sign at the restaurant:

Day 22

Today I was felt lots better. I was able to go to school and work and even on a date with Than to red lobster... yumm. I ordered my favorite thing there: salmon. Getting to the restaurant was the most interesting part of the night. It was snowing the hardest I have ever seen it snow in my life. I got some shots of the shots of the snow flakes. As you will notice, they were huge!! Here are the pics:

Training update: I need to be better at posting these and also about posting on weekends! I just get so busy and get home late and am too tired to write :( Than did amazing on friday. He ran 8 miles on the treadmill. I on the other hand did not. I'm still recovering from my stummy problems, but I should be ok by the begining of next week (knock on wood). Ill keep you posted.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21

Today, I wanted to post a picture of what we will be doing every thursday night till the end of the semester. Both me and Than have classes up at the Salt Lake BYU campus. He is taking Physics and I am taking an advance writing class. We figured it would be a lot easier if we took it at this campus. It has been good for us because that means that we get to spend a little more time together because we are both pretty busy with school and work. So here is the a picture of my cute husband at the entrance of the Salt Lake Campus:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20

Today I am feeling a little better, there's nothing worst than having a tummy ache. Anywho, I was feeling pretty glum so my hubby went and got me a conditioner that I had been wanting for a really long time. Its called Pureology Nano Works. It is the best smelling conditioner in this world. I guarantee if you ever try it you will fall in love with it!! My friend who is a hairstylist, gave it to me on my 19th birthday and i have been completely addicted since the day it touched my head.  It really brightened up my glummy day and my hair feels so soft and clean and it smells so super good. Here is a picture of it:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19

I will be short today. Not feeling the greatest at the moment. Than took this picture of me passed out after my make up demo:

training update: me and my work out buddy biked 8 miles today.
ps. My instructor never emailed me back about my shoes but I have been working out in them and they are great!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

I love holidays! Today was so fun. I got to take our cousin on Thans side, Sarah to breakfast for her birhtday and we had such a neat time. She is such an amazing young woman. There are so many attributes that I she has that I wish I had.

After breakfast, we went to MAC to do my demo interview. It was so much fun to do Sarah's make up and she was so super cooperative. Then I went home and and me and Than had a meeting with our activities committee co-chair people to plan the year out. It was really fun to brainstorm different ideas for the activities we would have with our ward.

After the meeting, Than and I went home and made lasagna for dinner. We ate and took a little nap (since we got up semi early). Then we went to his basketball game. This week they were against some crazy people. It was a super intense game because the guys on the other team were cry babies and the refs were terrible so it just did not go well. Than on the other hand played amazing. He even got a fat lip from playing super hard. I think he had at least 16 points in the game.

The picture of the day is him shooting a free throw:

Training update: I took the day off cause it was a holiday. I am going to have to make it up later in the week :/
Day 17

Today we had the wonderful opportunity of going to aunt Barbara's house. We had a delicious meal and hung out and talked while eating around the table. After, we had cake and ice cream for all the January birthdays. We had a really good time until me and Than started to play hide and seek with his little 1 and a half year old cousin. When it was my turn to go find him i really surprised him and said "hi andy!" he jumped and screamed like a little girl. I don't know what scared him so much but he sure made it sound like he had just seen a ghost (maybe he thinks brown people are ghosts). He eventually got over it after he was consoled by his mom. Here is a picture of me and him when he was happy (you really cant see his happiness in his facial expression because of the two fingers he's got in his mouth but I promise he is a happy kid). Here's my picture of the day:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16

Today, I took a picture of Than sleeping after the cadinals game. He was so tired from playing 3 hours of basketball in the morning. Poor guy. Here's the picture:

Day 15

Yesterday I took a picture of a cake me and Than's best friends wife made for the suns game. Unfortunately, the suns lost in the last little bit of time left. The game was super intense tho. Thats the only way I enjoy watching a game, if it is a close game or if Than is playing. So here is a picture of the cake:

Day 14

I have been so busy with school and now applying to get rehired at MAC. Its been a lot of work. Any who, I took a couple pictures of us on thursday when we went snowboarding. We only went for 2 hours cause we had to go up to Salt Lake to get a couple things done. So here is the picture for that:

Training update: Thursday I went to a cycling class with my friend at 6 am and then snowboarding
Friday, is my rest day so i didn't do anything athletic
Saturday I biked 6 miles and ran 2

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

Today we had the wonderful opportunity of baby sitting Addison. She is our neighbors cute one year old daughter. She is the cutes little girl. They are in our ward and she keeps us entertained all of church. They called me up last night to see if we could baby sit her for them while they did a session at the temple. They're soo good! They still go even though they have a small child to take care of.
   As soon as they dropped her off, she started running around the house grabbing everything that was in her sight. We sat down to eat dinner and Than was worried she would choke on something so i
 sat her in my lap and she started grabbing food from my plate. She got sour cream all over her fingers and then mouth. It was interesting to see how we both reacted to her actions.
   When we were done eating we started to play with her. We tried to put my helmet and goggles on her but it was too heave for her poor little head so we had to succumb to other resources. I then put a my hat on her and she seemed to like that ok. What she really loved was my hair extensions. I clipped them on her beautiful blond locks and she didnt even notice. I took a bunch of pictures of her but will try to refrain from posting them all.
   Finally, her parents came to the door to pick her up. Right before they came, she had gotten a little fuzzy but it was interesting because she cried a little and kept giving me hugs. I didnt understand what she wanted but it was sure cute to have her crawl into my arms instead of pushing me away. When her parents showed up she was back to her normal self. It was so much fun to see her interact with Than. He is going to be such a great dad. I cant wait to have his children.
   Here are a couple pictures I took tonight:

Training update: Woke up at 6 to go to the gym, ran 2 milel on the tread mill and lifted for about a half hour while I was waiting for Than to be done with his work out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12   

   Today was a good day. Than and I woke up early to go work out. He went and played basketball for a couple hours and I went to a spinning class with my gym buddy. Our instructor was psycho. She made us do all kinds of ridiculous intervals. It was very difficult keeping up with her, but she kept screaming at us telling us we were strong. I think I believe in screaming in working out. She really kept us going saying things like "ONLY YOU WAKE UP AT SIX IN THE MORNING TO BIKE TO MILEY CYRUS". She made this comment because everyone went crazy when the party in the USA song came on. It was quite entertaining.
    After an exhausting hour of pain and climbing fake mountains, I ran home and took a warm shower and got ready for the day. Todays picture is one of the clock in our room telling the time. If you want a challenge yourself to wake up early to exercise, take a picture and send it to my email We will keep each other motivated to get that work out done early in the morning. Here's my picture: