Monday, April 26, 2010

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted so it is time to do so. I am excited to show you all the new things we have been doing :) 

Go from bottom to top 

Day 101
This is a cute lady that came into my work and wanted a smokey eye and eyelashes. I thought the end result was pretty remarkable. 
Day 100
My sisters love to play with my make up. I love them so much.
Day 99
This is what happens when Metztli doesnt listen to my mom
My cute mom and I
Right after graduation
He caught me by suprise
I am happy to announce that my husband looks like a bull in this pic.
My family got me flowers. They are soo sweet!
I love this guy right here
Ready to receive my diploma
Day 98
Out to dinner after Commencement 
The light shone over me 
He thinks Im cool
The place was packed!
My husband was bored
Perfect ugly faces
Day 97
This man is AMAZING at doing make up. He knew exactly what to do with my faceshape and how to enhance my features. I hope I get to be in his position someday! It was so fun to be his model.
Day 96
Loved doing her lips.
This was during lunch.
Gourmet sandwiches 
Day 95
Update!!! my favorite time of the year!
Day 94
What a beautiful girl!
So I guess I am a hair dresser too
Day 93
Day 92
I guess I think I am cool in this pic :/
Day 91
My beautiful bride!
Day 90 
Day 89
I love doing crazy lips on people!
Day 88
Day 87
So this a cute girl that is getting married soon and she wanted to try a smokey eye and a more natural eye. We decided we liked the more natural look on the left.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture time!! I am so excited to show you the new pictures I have taken. I am going to be better at not waiting forever to post them :) 

Day 86
This picture was taken today at work and it is of a cute bride that was trying to decide what eyelashes to wear for her bridal pictures and the first picture is of her eye without fake lashes and the second one is with lashes. Ps. Lashes look awesome in pics.  
Day 85
My headless husband. Need I say more?
Day 84
At conference... The spirit was super strong. What a blessing it is to have the gospel in our lives and in our marriage. 
Day 83
Red lips... yes/no? what do you think?
Day 82
My cute cousin, Bergen at grandmas house with her dog, Tobbey.
Day 81
This lady was such a cutie. she bought everything I put on her.
Day 80
This lady was so cute. She wanted a bold springy eye. I was scared of the colors she had picked but they ended up looking really good on her. She bought all 4 eyeshadows.